3.5mm iPhone Headphone To RJ9/RJ10/RJ22 Phone Adapter

The first Headset Buddy 3.5 mm to RJ9 adapter that allows your to use your CTIA based / iPhone headphones with your Grandstream, Yealink and other VoIP phones.
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  • 01-PH35-RJ9 Front View
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  • Compatible with Apple EarPods. 
  • Convert 3.5mm Smartphone plug to single 4P4C RJ9/RJ10 handset plug.
  • Save money by buying a smartphone headset, or using your existing one with your Aastra phone's handset jack.
  • Reduce clutter with single headset.
  • Does not work with RJ11 jack, which is wider than your handset or headset jack (6 positions vs. 4). RJ11 jack is what is in the wall. RJ9, RJ10, RJ22 are what is on your phone handset or headset.

Our first RJ9 adapter made to use with Apple headphones. This adaptor converts the CTIA based 3.5mm smartphone headset plug to an Grandstream and Yealink RJ9, RJ10, or RJ22 handset plug, allowing you to use your favorite smartphone headset with your newer VoIP office phones. The adapter outputs binaural sound for stereo headsets, meaning you will hear sound out of both ears. The adapter cable is approximately five inches long.

**Works best when paired with an amplifier**


Free returns, always!

We have a 30-day, no-questions-asked return policy for all of our products as well as a one-year, 100% Satisfaction guarantee; We’ll replace your Headset Buddy for free within the first 12 months.

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Warranty Information

*For optimal use, please plug into the headset jack on your phone. The handset jack usually causes audio distortion

This list is not all inclusive. Please look up the specifications on your specific phone to see if it has a RJ9, RJ10, or RJ22 headset jack. If the Headset Buddy doesn't work with a model on this list we will be happy to refund 100% of your purchase plus pay for return shipping.

Incompatible phones

Unknown at this time

Compatible Phones

AltiGen IP805

Avaya 1608, 1616, 9620, 9630, 9640, 9640G and 9650 IP Phones

Cisco 7902, 7905, 7905G, 7906G, 7910, 7910+SW 7911, 7912 IP Phones

Cortelco Fanvil C58, C58P C62, C66

Grandstream GXP14XX, GXP1400 GXP1405 GXP1450 GXP2124, GXP2120, GXP2140 GXP2140 GXP2160 GXP2110, GXP2100, GXP2020, GXP2010, GXP1200, GXP280, GXP285, GXV3005, GXV3006, GXV3240 GXV3275 IP Phones

Huawei ET325,ET525

Panasonic KX-T Series phones such as: KX-T2260, KX-T2310, KX-T2315, KX-T2365, KX-T2368, KX-T7220, KX-T7230, KX-T7330, KX-T7433, KX-T7625, KX-T7630, KX-T7633, KX-T7636, KX-T7665, KX-T7720, KX-T7730, KX-T7740 and KX-T7750

Snom 300, 320,360,370,710, 720,760, 820, 821, 870

Yealink SIP-T19P T20P, T21P, T22P, T26P, T28P, T32G, T41P, T38G, T42G, T46G, T48G

Please let us know if you find more incompatible or compatible phone models.

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