Record Line-Level Audio Directly to Your iPhone

The Mic-Line is a line level attenuator adapter cable for iPhone, iPad, smartphones and tablets which allows you to record directly from a mixer or soundboard to the afore mentioned mobile devices.

After a test of multiple adapters, Emma of Studio Scratches wrote:

If you have been wondering how to record a line out of your mixer directly into your phone this article will show you how.

If you want to get a clean sound without fader clicks, some kind of audio input cable / device is needed for the phone.

Previously to get a clean sound without fader clicks or to avoid recording movie and sound separately then syncing them before exporting and uploading. Quote a bit of work.

Using a @headsetbuddy cable and the standard iPhone camera app. It gives slightly more volume.

Winner: The headsetbuddy cable won for me in terms of volume and ease of connection.

After @schoolofscratches Instagram post back in May, sales of the iPhone-Mic-Line went from 50-75 units per month from January through April to over 800 units sold in June and July.

After this review we introduced in April 2018 the Mic-Line Plus which takes the great features of the Mic-Line and adds a headphone monitoring cable. In order for headphone monitoring to work you will need to download an app from your device App Store. A list of compatible apps can be found on the product page.

Be sure to get yours while supplies last.

1st Oct 2018 Neil at HeadsetBuddy

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