Easily Track Your Order With Route

Posted by Ashley D on 12th Apr 2021

We have partnered with Route - a game charger for online orders!When you order directly through Headset Buddy, you will get the added benefit of Route!Why we love it and why you will too:Visual tracki … read more

Why we LOVE what we do!

Posted by Ashley D on 26th Feb 2021

In case you were ever wondering why we love what we do so much, this is why.... Customer message:"Dear Bryan and the Headset Buddy Team,Too often we fail to acknowledge those who have made our li … read more

How do I know my Mic-Line is working?

Posted by Ashley D on 4th Feb 2021

Hello Buddies!This article will help you if you are having issues with your audio and you're not sure if it's your Mic-Line or another cable. This is a really simple way to determine if it's your … read more

Which Clear Mic is for me?

Posted by Ashley D on 5th Jan 2021

Hey there! If you stumbled onto this article, you may be wondering, which headphones do I have or which Clear Mic do I need?Let's start with the basics:CM1502 - Bose QC15CM2502 - Bose QC25CM3504/CM350 … read more

Record Line-Level Audio Directly to Your Device

Posted by Ashley D on 4th Jan 2021

The Mic-Line is a line level attenuator adapter cable for iPhone, laptops, smartphones and tablets which allows you to record directly from a mixer or soundboard to your devices! After a test of … read more

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