More Options for Live Streaming on the Go!

More Options for Live Streaming on the Go!

Posted by Shawn M on 3rd Aug 2022

With more and more artists seeking highly mobile live streaming setups, we've been seeing an increase in the amount of frustration and confusion in getting solutions which are both convenient and h … read more

Easily Track Your Order With Route

Posted by Ashley D on 13th Apr 2021

We have partnered with Route - a game charger for online orders!When you order directly through Headset Buddy, you will get the added benefit of Route!Why we love it and why you will too:Visual tracki … read more

Why we LOVE what we do!

Posted by Ashley D on 26th Feb 2021

In case you were ever wondering why we love what we do so much, this is why.... Customer message:"Dear Bryan and the Headset Buddy Team,Too often we fail to acknowledge those who have made our li … read more

How do I know my Mic-Line is working?

Posted by Ashley D on 4th Feb 2021

Hello Buddies!This article will help you if you are having issues with your audio and you're not sure if it's your Mic-Line or another cable. This is a really simple way to determine if it's your … read more

Which Clear Mic is for me?

Posted by Ashley D on 5th Jan 2021

Hey there! If you stumbled onto this article, you may be wondering, which headphones do I have or which Clear Mic do I need?Let's start with the basics:CM1502 - Bose QC15CM2502 - Bose QC25CM3504/CM350 … read more

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