More Options for Live Streaming on the Go!

Posted by Shawn M on 3rd Aug 2022

More Options for Live Streaming on the Go!

With more and more artists seeking highly mobile live streaming setups, we've been seeing an increase in the amount of frustration and confusion in getting solutions which are both convenient and high quality.

While many musicians make sensible choices in audio equipment, connecting those devices to portable internet connected devices is far from clear.

The problem is that your mobile internet devices, such as your smart phone or laptop, are designed to different audio standards than typical musical equipment.  What intuitively seems should work, just doesn't.   It's fitting a figurative square peg in a round hole.

In this scenario, our 'square peg' is difference between 'line level' and 'mic level' audio.  Most professional audio equipment will output a signal at 'line level', which is as much as ten times more power than the 'mic level' expected by your smart phone.  Since smart phones don't need to send signals over long wires, and run on batteries instead of wall outlet power, the lower power usage is appropriate.  But, unfortunately, sending a 'line level' signal to a 'mic level' device is just too loud.

To alleviate the problem, without impacting your choice of devices, we've released more variations of our "Mic-Line" line level audio adapters.

You can now connect Mono or Unbalanced 3.5mm, 1/4 Inch or XLR outputs from your preferred mixer, turntable or soundboard at the correct volume to your smartphone, tablet or laptop!

We also have "Plus" models, which include a 3.5mm headphone port for monitoring your audio, after the level has been adjusted.  You can listen in confidence, as what you hear is what is being heard by your device.

Mic-Line Line Level Audio Adapters

You can now connect a large variety of professional audio devices to your streaming device and achieve great audio with just a single cable!

It won't matter if your output looks like this, this or this...!

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