Mic-Line Plus

1. From the line out of your audio source, plug in the cable required ex.(XLR male to 3.5mm TRRS male).

2. Insert the male 3.5mm (1/8 in.) TRRS plug into the female end of the Mic-Line Plus (Blue Line In).

3. Plug your 3.5mm headset into the Headset jack on Mic-Line Plus (Green)

4. Plug the male end of the Mic-Line Plus into your phone, laptop, etc.*

5. The device will recognize this as an external audio source and turn its internal microphone off allowing you to record using the external source.

6. Camera App will not allow headset monitoring. You do need an app that allows headset monitoring. Mic-Line Plus will work without the headset line being used, same as Mic-Line.

*You will need a lightning, USB-C, or USB adapter depending on your device. Please note:

Apple brand lightning adapters DO NOT work on iPhones besides iPhone 12.

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