About Us


Not Just Headset Adapters

The Headset Buddy is a line of PC & Phone headset adapters, headsets, and headset accessories. People who buy the Headset Buddy are:

  • Frustrated with spending too much on headsets, 
  • Want to use their favorite headset with multiple devices, such as iPhone, Cisco VOIP phone, Xbox 360, and others, 
  • Upset with the quality of their phone's headset and want to use a higher quality headset, or
  • Annoyed they have to carry multiple headsets when traveling.

What We Promise

Headset adapter guaranteeWe promise that you will be satisfied with your purchase. If you are not for any reason please contact us so we can make the situation right. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a one year warranty on all our products. If you are not happy with your purchase, we will refund 100% of your money including shipping costs, and even pay for return shipping.
We have even gone out of our way to replace our competitors products. When one of our competitors was shipping low quality products, some of their customers confused their brand with Headset Buddy and contacted us. Because we did not want to tarnish the Headset Buddy brand, we offered to ship these customers a free Headset Buddy. You can see our comments on Amazon product reviews making this offer to customers.

Our customer service is demonstrated through our above-average Amazon feedback, Ebay ratings, BBB score, and customer word-of-mouth. We believe happy customers will tell others, and that's how we get most of our business. For more about our customer service values, visit LongTailProducts.com.

Who We Sell To

We work with retailers big and small. We have many phone system integrators who resell our equipment to help their customers save money. We have dozens of retailers who see the value Headset Buddy provides their customers. If you would like to become a Headset Buddy dealer please contact our sales team.

Headset adapter media

Our Publicity

Headset Buddy products have been featured on every major channel including ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC. Additionally, our product have been featured on the radio, in podcasts, and in technology blogs. For other places we've been featured, visit our Headset Buddy media page...

Our Products

We offer several types of products:

  • Headset adapters - for iPhone, Android, VOIP phones, home phones, gaming systems
  • Headset trainers - for call centers
  • Headset switches - when you want to plug a headset into a standard phone
  • Headset packages - when you want to save money on headsets

If you don't see a product you need, please let us know. Almost all of our products came from customer suggestions, so we take customer ideas very seriously.

How We Ship

We use many different shipping methods to make sure you get your Headset Buddy quickly at the lowest possible cost. For this reason we use low-cost shipping methods, such as US Postal First Class, for many packages that don't require expediting. For expedited shipments we offer the cost-effective USPS Priority Mail, but offer other options such as UPS for deliveries that need to get there quickly.