Authorized Resellers

Welcome to our Official Authorized Resellers Page

In addition to we also sell our products via Amazon under the seller names "Long Tail" and/or "Headset Buddy". Also, because many of our Headset Buddy models are phone and headset specific, we work through dealers who have been trained to provide customers with the proper Headset Buddy model to fit their needs. Here is a current list of authorized Headset Buddy retailers.

If you purchased a product from a retailer not listed here, then most likely you did not receive a genuine Headset Buddy product.

If you are interested in becoming an authorized reseller of Headset Buddy products, please visit our Wholesale / Resell Inquiry page or contact us directly at +1-877-BUDDY01 option 2.



United States

Cymbal Communications


Global Teck Worldwide

Hello Direct, Inc.

Netria Corporation


Sunrise Stationers

Zones, Inc.


3E, Inc.

Wireless Products Plus (Ontario)

Europe (Germany) (Spain) (France) (Italy)

Modulo Consulting (România)

United Kingdom

Microlink PC

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