Why you need to buy a Cisco Headset Adapter?

Posted by Phil at HeadsetBuddy on 22nd Oct 2018

Cisco IP phones are a common thing in the offices that you need to use on a regular basis. And most of the people find it difficult to pick up the phone again and again; they assume it convenient to use headsets with these phones. Now, you must be thinking that what the problem is. Well, the problem is that most of the headsets are not compatible with the Cisco IP phones and you need to buy special headsets for the same. And you must be aware that good quality headsets are much expensive and not everyone can afford them.

So, what’s the solution? Well, the best and convenient solution is using a 3.5mm to Cisco headset adapteras it will enable you to use your Smartphone’s headset with the Cisco phone. From one side it is connected to your Smartphone and from another side to the Cisco phone, thereby connecting both the headset and Cisco phone to each other. Well, you must be thinking that whether it is worth to buy this adapter or not. If it is so, let us tell you why you must think about buying it.

The first thing, it helps you save your money. Rather than spending on an expensive Cisco IP phone headset, you can utilize your existing Smartphone headset; you just need to buy a Cisco Smartphone headset adapter.

Not only it helps you save your money but it also lets you use your Smartphone worth the amount you have spent on it. In short, it enables you to use your Smartphone headset to the full potential and its lets you get value for money.

Next thing, you don’t need to carry two headsets with you (one for Cisco phone and one for your Smartphone). Cisco 3.5mm Headset Adapter makes your existing headset more usable.

However, this adapter is good for those who want to change their Smartphone headset again and again. It lets them use the headsets to the maximum during that period and get value for the money. Like everything has a lifespan, these headsets also have; so, it is best to use them to the full potential so that your money will not go wasted.

Last but not least, the RJ9Cisco headset adapter is easy to carry with you. And such an adapter that is specially designed for the Cisco IP phones, is compatible with a huge range of Cisco phone models.

So, which adapter you should buy?

Now, after understanding the need of the headset adapter, you must be thinking that which one you should buy as there are many available in the market. Well, we would like to recommend you the Headset Buddy Smartphone to RJ9/RJ10 phone adapter that is designed for the Cisco phones only. This Cisco 3.5 mm headset adapter works effectively with all the Cisco phones that have RJ9/RJ10 jack. If you are looking for the one, this adapter would be the best to purchase.

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