Our Story

I started Headset Buddy in 2009 when I wanted to use my favorite headset with my phone, but couldn’t find an adapter. I realized (thankfully) others might have the same issue, so I ordered a few prototypes and listed them on a friend’s Amazon account. The first sale was in March 2009.

Soon after, I ordered a thousand units of our first model - with some really terrible polybag packaging - and started selling them from the spare bedroom of my apartment. As orders came, so did requests from customers for different types of headset accessories, and I added several new SKUs.

After six months, and with boxes of inventory stacked to the ceiling, I was able to quit my job and pursue Headset Buddy full-time. Thankfully, friends and family helped me along the way, shooting some of the first product photos, making Kinko's runs, and helping me assemble packaging in my living room.

PC Headset to Cisco

Funny Story: Over Christmas of 2009 I flew to visit family, and I brought along two checked suitcases of inventory, packaging, and mailers, so orders could go out even during the holidays. Leave no customer behind!

In the beginning most of our products were used in offices as a way to reduce cost or allow for personalized headsets, but as communication technology has changed, most of our forty unique headset solutions are now purchased by consumers. And new ideas keeping rolling in, thanks to customers like you. Users of Headset Buddy include the NBA, Air Force, National Science Foundation, Bose and Apple employees, Romanian call centers, German DJs, numerous educational institutions, and even the Salvation Army.

While we’re thankful for the journey, we’ve had our share of challenges. For example, when some customers purchased what they thought was a Headset Buddy product, but found out it was a cheap knock-off, as an act of goodwill we sent those customers free Headset Buddy replacements.

Headset Buddy has changed over the years (as has our logo and packaging), but our commitment to listening to customers and providing industry-leading support remains the same.


Please let us know if we can do anything to help improve your audio experience. 

Headset Buddy Adapter Founder

Bryan & The Headset Buddy Team


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