PC Headset to USB PlayStation 3 Adapter

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Converts the Dual Headset 3.5mm Plugs to a Standard Type a Male PS3 USB Port, Allow You to Use a Computer or Laptop Headset with Your PlayStation 3 Type A Female USB Port
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Product Overview

  • Use PC Headset with USB port on PlayStation 3
  • Convert two 3.5mm (1/8 inch) plugs to single USB Type A female plug
  • Save money, use your existing PC gaming headset
  • Stereo sound!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Use a PC gaming headset with PS3

Want to feel like you're in the game? Have a PC gaming headset that you love?Use your existing PC computer headset that has 3.5mm mic/audio plugs with your PlayStation's USB port.

This amazing headset adaptor converts the dual headset 3.5mm plugs to to a standard Type A male PS3 USB port, allowing you to use your favorite computer/laptop headset with your PlayStation 3 Type A female USB port. This adapter is designed for use with headsets that have two 3.5mm plugs; one for the microphone and one for the headphones/earpiece(s). Outputs stereo sound. Only permits for chat sound (you need the PS3 kit for game and chat sound). Featured Merchant 

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