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VoIP 2.5mm Headset to PC Adapter - 2.5mm to Dual 3.5mm

Use a 2.5mm phone headset on your PC to boost productivity and reduce clutter.
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  • Use phone headset with PC
  • 2.5mm to PC adapter
  • Use phone headset with PC
  • 2.5mm female insert


  • Use your favorite phone headset with your PC
  • Convert 2.5mm (3/32 in.) to dual mic/audio 3.5mm (1/8 in.) PC plugs
  • Make free calls using Skype, Yahoo/Google/MSN Messenger and other programs!
  • Great for traveling, carry around just one headset
  • Works with most 2.5mm mono headsets

Why buy and carry around another headset just for your PC? Buy the Phone Headset to PC Adapter and use your existing phone headset with your PC or laptop computers that have a dual 3.5mm jacks.

A big productivity enhancer for home businesses, call centers, sales people, road warriors, or anyone who is on the phone all the time, but doesn't want to carry two headsets, one for the phone, and one for the computer.

This is designed for anyone who uses Skype, RingCentral, Google Voice, Yahoo/MSN Messenger, or other computer-based VOIP phone services. Keep your nice phone headset and use it with your PC to boost productivity and reduce clutter!

Specs: This amazing adaptor converts the standard phone headset 2.5mm plug to a dual mic/audio 3.5mm plugs, allowing you to use your favorite phone headset with your PC or laptop computer. This adapter is designed for use with headsets that have a 2.5mm plug. The adapter cable is approximately seven inches long. If you have a 2.5mm stereo headset, this outputs monaural stereo-channel sound, meaning you will hear all the sound in one ear (since most 2.5mm headsets are monaural). All Headset Buddy products are EU RoHS Compliant.

Netbook and Mac users: If you have a Netbook with a single headphone/microphone jack or a MacBook, MacBook Pro, or iMac 2009 or newer, then then you only need our 2.5mm to 3.5mm headset adapter that will plug right into your headphone jack on the Mac and work with both audio in and audio out. If you have a Mac 2008 or older, because mac computers need an amplified microphone source (such as an iMic) that won't work only with the adapter on this page, you will need both the adapter on this page (2.5mm to dual 3.5mm) and our PC Headset to USB adapter. For more information visit this Apple discussion forum.



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